Before, During and After Your Treatment

Before your treatment

• Arrive at the exact time of your appointment to avoid crossing paths with someone leaving the studio
• Kindly turn your mobile phone off.
• Ensure you are well hydrated and if possible, try to avoid a heavy meal 2-3 hours beforehand.
• If it’s your first time at Studio 31 Massage, you will be asked to complete a detailed intake form, providing personal information about your lifestyle and your health, e.g. injury and illness. This is a confidential form used for your pre-massage assessment and to create a treatment plan, updated with subsequent visits, allowing me to design your ultimate bodywork treatment and records the improvement of your health overtime.
• Massage can be contraindicated for some medical conditions, and I may need approval from your treating GP or Specialist prior to your massage treatment.
• Before your treatment I will discuss your goals and explain what I am proposing your body needs right now and what this will involve. Feel free to ask any questions if you are unsure.
• If you are infectious please do not attend, rather notify me at your soonest convenience prior to your appointment so a new time can be made.

Note – If your medical information changes throughout the course of your treatments, be sure to mention it at your next visit prior to your next treatment, so your file can be updated, and massage treatment adjusted if necessary.
You can rest assured that the utmost privacy and respect will be given to your personal information.

During your treatment

• Try to allow your body to fully relax. By doing this you will be giving your body the best opportunity to restore and be getting the most benefit from the treatment.
• It is not unusual for some people to experience some congestion in their sinuses due to the facedown position in the massage table face cradle, so if you need a tissue, please just ask
• Music: if for any reason the music is too loud or soft or you’d like to have your treatment without music, please just ask
• Room Temperature: be aware that during a massage, the lotions and oils that are applied to your skin can pull the heat out of your body or even make it seem a bit cooler in the room. If you are cold, please let me know
• During the cooler months I provide heated towels to make your experience a little more comfortable

Post Treatment

• Hydration- after your treatment drink lots of water in the 48-hour period following the massage session
• It is normal to feel a little lethargy for 24 hours post treatment
• I encourage and welcome your feedback and request you keep me updated with your body’ condition.
• It is usually recommended to have regular massage treatments especially for those problematic areas of concern. By having regular massage, you will gain the most benefit and will find they can be spaced out more over time.