Our Therapies

Remedial Massage Treatment

Used to assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury management. A range of manual therapy techniques may be employed during the treatment, such as deep connective tissue massage and trigger point therapy. Proven remedial massage techniques are used to treat deep and superficial tissues, providing natural non-invasive pain relief by correcting and restoring function to your muscles and soft tissue.

Remedial massage is helpful for many muscle injuries and conditions, including:

  • Back injuries including sciatica
  • Muscular atrophy (muscle wasting) from lack of physical activity (through disability or injury)
  • Frozen shoulder (chronic stiffness/pain in shoulder joints)
  • Muscle cramps (spasms) as a result of extended physical labour or exercise
  • Sports and dance injuries including lower back injuries, sprains and strains
  • Arthritis
  • Stress

Note – You can claim a rebate for remedial massage through your health fund, however this is dependent on the level of extra’s cover and your individual policy.

a single-use needling being inserted into skin to address trigger points

Dry needling

Trigger point dry needling is an effective tool which can assist getting some relief in specific areas of your body. I may discuss this option with you during or prior to a remedial massage, then after confirming you are medically suitable for dry needling and after gaining your consent, I will include this modality as part of your remedial treatment.

Dry needling is the insertion of a single use needle directly into the muscle trigger point, which then assists in prompting the muscle to relax, the needles are left in position for a short time and then removed, resulting in a reduction in pain and improving range of motion. This effect can be an immediate response.

It is possible to feel some pain or discomfort, however this is greatly up to the individual and depends on the areas being treated, all care will be taken to make the needling process as pleasant and comfortable as possible. I am more than happy to discuss and answer any questions you have about dry needling.

Relaxation Massage

Usually a full head to toe treatment to leave you feeling revitalised and balanced. Essential oils can be applied for a complete experience, assisting your body to unwind, alleviate tiredness and tension. Techniques are used that utilise
long, smooth strokes, kneading and other movements to relax and ease muscle pain.

Relaxation Massage is helpful for:

  • Promoting your sense of wellbeing and relaxation
  • Improving sleep quality by promoting calm thinking by relaxing the mind and the body; which can lead to a better and deeper sleep. Getting adequate sleep can help to reduce irritability, fatigue, and the ability to think clearly
  • Reduction of blood pressure
  • Treating anxiety, massage helps relieve mental stress and reduces anxiety levels by producing endorphins such as serotonin and dopamine which help with depression
  • Reduction of tension, stiffness and pain. Massage reduces these symptoms by stimulating the release of endorphins
  • Increase in flexibility and restoration of lost mobility
  • Relief of muscle cramps and spasms
  • Prevention of injuries and stress related problems
  • Stimulation of your body’s lymphatic and circulatory systems, in turn carrying away the body’s waste products
  • Assists in pain management, and in the reduction of tension headaches
  • Enhancing the health and nourishment of the skin
  • Strengthening the immune system

Note – Most health funds will not allow you to claim a rebate for relaxation massage, check first with your provider.

Pregnancy massage

Having completed specific PREGNANCY MASSAGE TRAINING in 2021 with Pregnancy Massage Australia (PMA) you will feel confident that you and your baby are being well cared for by a trained pregnancy massage therapist. Massage is safe if delivered by a qualified therapist no matter if you are in the early weeks or closer towards the term of your pregnancy journey.

There is specific questions and paperwork that we will go through to ensure it is safe to proceed prior to every pregnancy massage appointment and your treatment will be modified along the way to accommodate your changing body and to ensure you are comfortable and safe.

Specialised pregnancy massage is a safe and healthy way to support your body and baby during your pregnancy. At Studio 31 Massage we love to help prepare your changing body during this special and exciting time in a woman’s life.

Benefits of pregnancy massage include

  • Relief from muscle tension, aches and pains
  • Relief from cramping
  • Improved sleep
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Improves circulation
  • Reduction of swelling in hands and feet

Myofascial Cupping

Myofascial cupping technique provides profound benefits to assist in maintaining range of motion, eliminating myofascial trigger points and reducing restrictive and sometimes painful adhesions commonly found from repetitive movement. At Studio 31 Massage we may suggest incorporating this technique into your treatment to support and aid your body’s ailments.

Therapeutic vacuum cupping being performed on a client's back

Sports Massage

For the athlete, sports massage techniques are utilized at all stages of pre/post event training. Sports massage helps to prevent injury, enhance athletic performance and reduce recovery time. Various techniques may be used including deep tissue massage, stretching, tapotement and trigger point therapy.

If you are currently engaged with other specialist services for management of an injury, be sure to discuss this with me prior to your treatment.

Gift Certificates

If you are seeking a gift for that special someone, why not treat them to a massage of choice – remedial, relaxation, pregnancy or sports.

  • Vouchers are available for any amount and are valid for 3 years from the date of purchase.
  • Gift Vouchers must be treated like cash and if lost cannot be replaced.
  • Please mention you have a voucher at time of making your booking.
  • A valid gift voucher must be surrendered at your appointment time.

Note: You cannot claim health fund rebates when you use a gift voucher.